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  We offer Internet services with several different carriers. The internet today is more than just high-speed Internet connections. If you want DSL or cable high-speed Internet, wireless connectivity. Other carriers’ networks are not created equal.  We offer several dedicated Internet services and Technology Guru also offers 4G Internet Service, Satellite Internet, Dedicated cable internet access, and other high-speed internet service.  Technology Guru has several Telecommunication Carriers to chose from. We also offer Co-Location and other telecommunication services. We also sell Telecommunication Equipment and Internet Modems and routers. Fill out the form below and we will respond back to you in 24-48 hours. Internet Consulting in Prescott Area and Prescott Valley Arizona
We quote bandwidth on all the major carriers. Complete the form below and we will respond within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excepted) with up to three high-speed Internet bandwidth quotes for you to review.

Broadband today is about more than just high speed Internet connections in the office. In todays business environment, its about having a connection wherever your employees need it. Whether DSL or Cable high speed Internet, Wi-Fi connectivity, or Mobile Broadband, all broadband networks are not created equal. Each carrier displays unique strengths and weaknesses depending on the region of the country you’re located, your business structure, and your vertical. 

Maintaining robust and reliable Internet connectivity is crucial for your business productivity and collaboration.  Whether one location or many, cable solutions provide businesses one network for Internet access over dedicated fiber or coax networks, with bandwidth options up to 10Gb.  These networks provide businesses with high-capacity connectivity supporting data transfers, media sharing, media streaming and collaboration between employees anywhere in the world.  As fast, scalable, and secure large capacity Internet solutions become a requirement more than a luxury, Cable Internet services are a leader in both technology and capability. 

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