Computer Consulting

Welcome to Technology Guru , Inc. We fix computers right over the internet! Computer Repair/Technical Support Services. We provide remote online computer repair/ Technical Support for you windows home or office Computer
ALL your technology and telecommunication problems can be solved at one place – Technology Guru. our team member has a lot of experience in the it industry and the telecom industry which has helped us gain deep knowledge of the different problems that can arise when businesses use these services. We support your business through remote access to computers and by providing on site services according to the requirements of OUR clients.
you can always rely on us when it comes to computers. The internet. Your network and the telecom services you use. our services currently include:
1. internet consulting internet problems are beginning to grow as more people have started using the internet. Most businesses cannot afford to deal with slow internet or no internet att all. With more and more businesses going online. It is peremptory to ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet connection. we help you solve a wide range of internet problems quickly and effectively so that you can go back to operating your business.
These include slow internet. Email related problems. Internet security issues. no internet service at all. WI FI related issues. Browser configuration and browser not working properly. we can help you fix all internet problems whether it is related to your WI FI router. Your ethernet cable or your Computer’s settings.
2. computer consulting the internet is not the only thing that can create problems. Sometimes. Computers may end up posing problems Too. Whether you want US to help you with accidental data loss or sudden computer crashes. We have a professional team of computer consultants who quickly handle problems related to computer and help you get back to your business in the shortest span of time possible. Our team of computer consultants are passionate about computers and are always keen to find out how they operate and how new technologies affect the Way they function.
We solve all types of computer related problems including malware infestation. Virus attacks. Data loss. Improving hard disk size. Configuring the computer for your business requirements. All hardware related problems like replacing the computer screen. Keyboard and laptop batteries are handled by our team. We Also take care of printing related issues that can be holding UP your usual business.
3. telecommunications consulting are telecommunication problems turning into a hassle for your business? you will not have to worry about them with our team supporting your business. We have a team of telecom experts who understand various issues that May arise when it comes to using telecom services.
4. Network consulting want to make sure that your network of computers is run smoothly and without any uncertainties? you Can rely on our team for this. Businesses running a network of computers often require help in various areas related to the network. Everything from the initial configuration of the network to handling problems related to rights. Permissions and the performance of the network is solved by OUR team of experts. We can support your it team or we can operate as a standalone team to ensure that your business can run smoothly as far as the network is concerned. 

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